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Your success is our success, your ideas spawn our ideas, and we’ll turn your problems into solutions.

The first years of my design career were spent on the graphics battlefields of the newspaper, sign making, and screen printing industries. We’re talking t-squares, rubber cement, rub-on letters and a giant ‘stat’ camera.  I learned early-on that everything in marketing is due yesterday, that it’s all up to the art department, and that quality design would always take a back seat to the deadline. There simply wasn’t time to give a customer’s design the kind of hand-made care it deserved.

That conflict was my inspiration to start building one of New England’s first computer-based art departments. Working with developers from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, that goal was met in 1986 with soaring productivity and quality.

So, when I launched Studio B it was not to compete with my fellow designers, but to help them with the challenges of being “the bottleneck”. Local print shops welcomed the relief. And before long most of my clients (and their clients) were asking for their very own web sites.    Back to the books . . . more technology . . .

Today we are building and hosting websites, designing trade-show displays, customizing software, or putting a fresh face on a trusted brand . . . all at warp speed. And we still treat every project with a careful, hand-made approach. Tom Bruton • Studio B 


Studio B proudly supports . . .
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