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Polar Bear in Maine?

Vector illustration (ACD Canvas) was the tool of choice to update this whimsical Mascot for a popular credit union’s golf fundraiser.


Cleanup vs Redraw

When an original art file is lost we have some decisions to make in a cost-vs-quality argument. In this example the printed piece can be scanned and ‘cleaned-up’ using raster image tools (Photoshop, etc.). This method may suffice for small printed items and is relatively inexpensive. But for larger prints it becomes necessary to ‘re-draw’ the graphics and text using vector tools like Illustrator, Canvas, CorelDRAW!, etc.




ukefest17_distress_abcdGearing up for this summer’s Casco Bay UkeFest! Once the technical work is done (in this case vector drawing), presenting alternative treatments and color variations a no-brainer.

And yes, sometimes they can’t decide  ; )

Retargeting is Everything.

bermansimmons_b2_300x600Over 20 unique variations of this ad were composed for Berman & Simmons to support their online marketing efforts. Retargeting is a specialty of Horizon Digital Marketing, one of our strategic partners.


Let's Lunch!

lunchblogMonmouth Conservation’s annual Holiday Luncheon email invitations are on the way to MCF’s Constant Contact list. This is a very popular and successful fundraiser for preserving lands in New Jersey. Designs by Janice Hahn.

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