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Wearables will always be 'In'

It only took a few design drafts for the CYC to setttle on these prints for their T’s, hoodies, and sweatpants, and they’re likely to be worn year-round. Distressed imprint designs (bottom left) have been popular for years, especially when your screen printer uses ink that will never crackle (and will probably outlast the garment).

Christian Youth Conference T-shirt by Studio BChristian Youth Conference Sweatpants by Studio B

Polar Bear in Maine?

Vector illustration (using ACD Canvas) was the technique of choice to update the whimsical Mascot for this credit union’s popular golf fundraiser.


Cleanup vs Redraw


When an original art file is lost we have some decisions to make in a cost-vs-quality argument. In this example the printed piece can be scanned and ‘cleaned-up’ using raster image tools (Photoshop, etc.). This method may suffice for small printed items and is relatively inexpensive. But for larger prints it becomes necessary to ‘re-draw’ the graphics and text using vector tools like Illustrator, Canvas, CorelDRAW!, etc.



ukefest17_distress_abcdGearing up for this summer’s Casco Bay UkeFest! Once the technical work is done (in this case vector drawing), presenting alternative treatments and color variations a no-brainer.

And yes, sometimes they can’t decide  ; )

Retargeting is Everything.

bermansimmons_b2_300x600Over 20 unique variations of this ad were composed for Berman & Simmons to support their online marketing efforts. Retargeting is a specialty of Horizon Digital Marketing, one of our strategic partners.


Let's Lunch!

lunchblogMonmouth Conservation’s annual Holiday Luncheon email invitations are on the way to MCF’s Constant Contact list. This is a very popular and successful fundraiser for preserving lands in New Jersey. Designs by Janice Hahn.

Guess and Win!

guesswinThis Friday saw the conclusion of PeoplesChoice Credit Union’s Guess and Win backpack giveaway on Facebook. The single Monday post caught the attention of a whopping 19,480 Facebookers and landed a great prize on one lucky guesser.  Congrats and thanks for playing!